travelin around nyc ft snapchat

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Alan Crocetti SS15 Backstage

cannot deal with people’s shit rn

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guys wtf help I am so very confused rn so basically I had this huge crush on a guy I didn’t even know and I was obsessed w him almost all summer, and then the feeling switch just went off. And I don’t like him anymore and not even kidding like as soon as I realized I didn’t even like him he texted me and started talking to me (even tho he was home for the summer we barely spoke) and now he’s back in college and he texted me on like a weds night??whatever so the convo ended and today he texted me again and now he’s basically telling me he wants me to come visit him and bla bla bla and I have zero feelings for him and it just pisses me off bc the timing is just so off and why he couldn’t talk to me when I was infatuated with him?? Anyways I’m probably gonna get sucked back into liking him because he’s a terrible person

I just want someone to eat me out already

goth looks 2k14

new purp cyber lipstick

Anonymous said: opinion on music?


I absollutely love it :) I know not many people do but I am kinda weird.

Simon Nessman - Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Giò BTS.

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